Themes and Inspirations

dbThere is another part of my musical days & nights, where I get to write music, mostly themes for the networks. It’s a little bit more “uptown” production wise…but the shoe fits. Obviously One Shining Moment leads the parade, but The Gift which CBS used for years along with Devotion grew out of the same river of ideas.

As I listen to From Time to Time, I’m struck by how lucky I was to be able to play the darn thing. (I’m not sure I could do it again…) Doug Howell’s orchestration is otherworldly. The Pride of Silence still grabs me. This one was written for a score on C.S. Lewis that still shows up on PBS. Brian Brill wrote the strings, which to me completely captures the mood and sets the table with a sense of ennui that goes to the shivering marrow.

David Barrett