The Fever Diaries

dbWhen I recorded this one CD, I was touring with Art Garfunkel as an opening act. Night after night I would show up with a my guitar and go out on stage and play these songs. Since most of my recordings are very “produced”…I decided to keep this stripped down as possible…basically four guys with acoustic instruments, in order to keep it more reflective of my shows at the time.

I’m not entirely sure what “folk music” is anymore, nor what “singer/songwriter” actually means as a genre. Suffice to say, I’m a “folk” and I wrote these songs…which I perform as a solo performer. As I’ve told a few friends about this music…It is more “inside” music, in that I’m not trying to be broadly inclusive as most radio/t.v. music aspires to be. It is more of an inner road map, which through either vanity or purpose, I’m very conscious of fullfilling.

David Barrett