First, Last & Everything In Between

first last and everything in between

db-logo-init4 I certainly can’t speak for other writers, but for me, writing songs…particularly these songs came from “moments of perception” mixed with the inevitable task of reconciling heartaches, and joys of walking down this road we all travel.

In that sense, yes they are almost medicinal.  Clearly these songs come from a place where I’m trying to explain the world…to myself…if nothing else.  Hopefully others will recognize the view as well.

As those around me know, I write a lot of music, whether it be in the form of scores, songs, themes…whatever.  I never judge how or why they are written.  I have a wine cellar filled with songs that are just waiting for the light of day.  So here are a handful.  These all seemed to fit together for me…in that they all originated with the acoustic guitar and were aged in wood.

David Barrett