Positive Thinking: The Norman Vincent Peale Story

Positive Thinking: The Norman Vincent Peale StoryIn this Emmy Award winning documentary, which appeared on Public Broadcasting, the life and career of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale is explored in-depth. His storied life spanned 9 decades, and his motivational speaking and teaching influenced millions. His bestselling book The Power of Positive Thinking continues to have a tremendous impact today – from sports, to health, to business, and to one’s personal life. The Peale’s opened up their extensive archives to producers David Crouse and Chip Duncan. The film follows his life from his humble beginning in Ohio to the pulpit of one of the most influential churchs in America, Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. Included are appearances by President Carter, President Reagan, a rare interview with President Nixon, Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, and a seldom-seen speech by President Kennedy addressing the religious controversy of the 1960 election. Kennedy speech writer Ted Thorenson appears discussing the religious controversy involving Kennedy and Peale. This is a powerful and moving documentary your whole family can watch.


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